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Quality Math Learning

quality math learning

Besides being a necessary skill for daily-life, Mathematics helps to foster some of the essential life-skills like logical reasoning, rational thinking, analyzing, problem solving and ability to persevere – attitudes which go a long way in the overall development of an individual. Unfortunately, math remains scary or even loathsome for many. And no wonder, we see many organisations and recruitment agencies struggling to find independent thinkers, innovative problem solvers and calculated risk-takers who can play lead roles for today’s real life challenges.

Research shows that this difficulty to deal with Math is essentially a linguistic one and not necessarily a conceptual one. Not many realize that learning mathematics is like learning a new language. The conventional classroom procedures of teaching maths in the abstract language of numerals and symbols, and rote, are often difficult to comprehend, uninteresting, thus taking the child towards ‘distaste’ and ‘phobia’ for the subject. Children have to be introduced to it in a language they understand best. With a strong foundation, children will be better equipped to take on the subject as it becomes more complex.

A need clearly exists for alternate, unconventional and innovative ways that simplify the subject, so that children grasp and understand math concepts easily and a liking, or even love for mathematics. The interest, accomplishments and confidence developed would then itself motivate the student to pursue the subject.

Math by Understanding in a Hands On, Do and Discover approach:

Hands On ‘Do and Discovery Learning’

NE firmly believes that Math can be learnt by all and can even be mastered, if only taught in the right way by

  • Reforms at all levels of educational framework.
  • Schools as active change makers and with leaders with commitment.
  • Teachers as innovative and insightful reflective practitioners.
  • Children as self-learners in their environments.

Aims - Every Child Should

  • Self-construct the knowledge.
  • Apply in real life problem solving.
  • Develop a liking for the subject of mathematics.
  • Overcome their fear of maths.
  • Develop logical and objective thinking abilities.

To fulfil the above objective, Navnirmiti has developed a comprehensive approach to teach all Elementary level school mathematics through ways that make learning of mathematics an interesting and enjoyable process. Through an Active Math Learning Class an environment is created for students to learn mathematics by activities and hands on experience. Navnirmiti’s Math pedagogy provides a wide variety of materials, kits, games and toys to play with, and learn mathematical concepts.

Essentially is a space designed for students to learn mathematics by activities, experiments and hands on experience. A math lab provides a wide variety of toys and materials to play with and to learn mathematical concepts. In a Math Lab, students are encouraged to “do and discover” things on their own. Every Math Lab class is actually a maths class, where, students learn the mathematical concepts in a manner that is fun and far removed from the typical classroom methods of textbooks. In a Math Lab, there is hardly any scope for boredom for students since they are involved with so many exciting activities like games, puzzles and problem solving.

Maths Fair aims to promote and popularise good quality math in schools with a mass level participation. It’s a collaborative and cooperative way of learning math by the school.

During this process, teachers turn into influential mentors and students as co facilitators.

Students get the opportunities to problem solve through concept corners and materials to play with and learn with the help of teaching learning materials such as math kits, models, puzzles,board - floor games and various games etc..

Math concepts are made interesting and joyful through various creative and innovative ideas with their real-life applications. The children are encouraged to do and discover things on their own which goes a long way in developing their confidence and competencies.

Math Fair Images
Math Fair Images
Math Fair Images
Math Fair Images
Math Fair Images
Math Fair Images


Until date, Math Fair has reached out to 50,000 students and 5,000 teachers across a total of 65 Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) and Private Schools across Maharashtra, Goa, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. With every such Math Fair, an increasing number of teachers and students become a part of the Navnirmiti’s pedagogy of Math Learning, serving Navnirmiti Eduquality’s objective of “Quality Math For All”.

Math Teaching Learning Material - kit Supply

  • Supply Math kits to 20,000 + Government schools across India by UNICEF ( 2003 – 2008).
  • Supply Math kits to over 1,00,000 government schools of Maharashtra by Maharashtra Prathmik Shikshan Parishad.
Math Programs in Private Schools





  • Shishuvan School
  • JBCN School
  • Pawar Public School
  • Dimond Jubilee school
  • Vishwajyot high school
  • S.M Shetty international school
  • Universal School
  • Jindal Vidya Mandir
  • Thakur public school
  • Children’s Academy School
  • Podar international school
  • Hiranandani foundation school Euro international school
  • Reliance foundation school
  • Vibgyor high school
  • Oberio international School
  • Thakur Public School
  • JBCN international School
  • Ajmera Global School
  • C.P Goenka international school
  • Udayachal School
  • Arya Vidya Mandir School.
Other States
  • Group of Aga Khan School - Hyderabad
  • St. Andrews Convent school - Goa
Math Programs in Govt Schools


TEACHER'S Training

  • Mumbai - 64 Govt. Schools of MCGM S ward
  • Thane - 45 Thane Municipal Corporation School
  • Nagpur - 10 Zilla Parishad Govt. School