Educational Fair

Educational Fair


The initiative of Education fair is to promote development of children and capacity building of teachers in Maths, Science and Language education as well as increase interest level of teachers and children in these subjects.

The fair exhibits concept wise stalls and fun corners such as Free Play, Fun with Science, and Cultural Program, Drama and Storytelling components. Children from the school are taught the fundamentals of the concepts and they explain these concepts to their peers and visitors of the fair. This was specifically done to create an atmosphere of peer learning and encourage communication between the children and other members of the school. The fair is open for all and is attended by all the children of the school, teachers, parents and other stakeholders. The fair is conceptualized, customized and executed by our team along with the school staff and team.

Visible Outcomes:
  • Children get clarity of concepts and which helps them speak confidently. They explain the concepts in turn to the visitors. Even when an adult visitor asked questions to students, they answered their doubts with confidence.
  • Models are child friendly and done very artistically
IMPACTED Schools in 2019 - 2020:
  • Mumbai: Durga Devi Sharma MCGM School
  • Nagpur : 10 ZillaParishad schools and 18 ICDS anganwadies
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