About Us

Navnirmiti Eduquality Foundation | Quality Education For All

Navnirmiti Eduquality Foundation (NEF) is a Section 8 company, a not-for-profit organisation, actively working towards achieving ‘Quality Education for all.’ It is a self-reliant social organisation, an enterprise that believes in universalisation of good quality education.

With the motto of

Navnirmiti Eduquality finds ways of developing high quality, low cost learning methods in Early childhood education, Mathematics and Science Popularisation & STEM through creative and innovative pedagogies, to make learning an inclusive and a joyful process especially those otherwise marginalized.

We believe ‘Equality in Quality Education for Equitable outcomes’ needs access to good quality education by all, to create, innovate and propagate good quality educational systems, appropriate learning environment, methods and pedagogical practices for achieving high quality learning

As a self-reliant organisation, it aims to strengthen public institutional mechanisms, such as state-run schools with a stronger community and public participation embedding the process of empowerment, encouraging autonomy at all levels to achieve the larger social and educational vision.

our team works at the grass root in order to ensure large scale reform in quality of education imparted in government and private schools alike.

We strive to create a working role model which can be replicated by building models that are scalable, replicable and sustainable process driven and outcome oriented.