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A Free library is a must !!!

The Free community library helps break the chains of poverty's limitations, liberating the imagination, expanding thinking horizons, and providing the much-needed guidance for children and or adults to envision a world beyond their current circumstances.

Navnirmiti's community library at Phule Nagar Powai is an effort to provide a place of hope and dreams for the children who are otherwise denied access or lack the exposure to a world of books beyond their school textbooks.

Equality of opportunities is written in our Constitution. Libraries connect communities, make them stronger, and pave the way for a land of freedom and equality. They should be open to all, and they need to be free.

About M.J. Phule Nagar

Just next to IIT Bombay is densily populated slum settlement named after the renowned social activist and anti-caste social reformer Mahatma Jyotiba Phule. M.J. Phule Nagar , a largely Dalit- Bahujan locality, with most of them working as daily wagers. With longer working hours, the workers are not able to provide an equitable education to their children. In addition, children of Phule Nagar have little or no chance of higher education with most of them dropping out to help out their families.

Our Journey

The free library initiative started off in March 2022, with the objective to provide a space for reading and expressing for the children in the community. In its first year the free library initiative has continued to evolve as an organized child-friendly reading and learning space for about 60 students regularly participating in reading and activity sessions.


  • To promote early and informative literacy and a reading culture
  • To Provide quality reading and learning opportunities.
  • To Provide easy and regular access to books.
  • To give exposure to various book-centric hands-on activities
  • To encourage healthy and active participation of community members for all-inclusive learning.
  • To foster healthy use of community spaces.

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